Issues after issues

Hey all So a lot has happened this year as it nearly at an end, and I thought it was time to write a blog to express how I feel at the moment. At the moment, I am really struggling with anything along with Crohn's sort of nudging me along just a reminder that it's still there. I have some kidney stone issues, but recent blood tests have come back to say that my liver is functioning on borderline, everyone wants me to find out what's going on but I mentally cannot find the strength to do that. With that in mind, I've become to just shut people out and build a wall, so no one can come close. I do have a CT scan soon and hopefully that will give some answers. With all this going on, mentally I'm not good, I'm not really asking for help, this is just a coping mechanism to let it out in a form where I don't have to talk face to face to anyone. On a good note, I am taking a plunge and going to Tokyo at Christmas, on my own. Hopefully, this will give me s

Im back

Hi peeps, sorry I haven't been around for over a year, I decided to take a hiatus as stuff personally was happening and thought as it's nearly the end of 2018 I would do an update for you guys and gals! Soooooo, hopefully I'll be updating my blog more often and be even more open than before and be more relatable than ever before. I do have more blogs in mind with the following list: Sweating and hot flushes. External support Weight Future medication possibilities Hanging out with friends Going to events There's possibly more for 2019 but let's just go with the above, doing 6 blogs a year is a good target Right?  I am hoping to make my blogs more attractive, instead of the boring writing and include links to external helpful sites for people with Crohn's disease. Bear in mind, I have a new tablet, which doesn't have a physical keyboard and I hate the touch screen keyboard, it annoys me soooooo much! Any who keep an eye out next year and

Remsima and update!!

Hey all, how are we all doing?? Sorry i havent been posting blogs for a while now, sort of been busy buuuuuut i am back and to give you some info on another new biosimilar infliximab drug that i have been trialing called Remsima and to give you an update on where i am at the moment. Remsima Remsima (Rem-see-ma) is another biosimilar from the Anti-tnf drug called Infliximab, its a cheaper solution than Infliximab while doing the same job. It is taken the same way as Infliximab and Inflectra via intravenous drip into the arm and helped pushed through using a machine, again same as the Infliximab and Inflectra, this takes roughly 2 hours depending on the patient, at the moment for me it takes 1 hour to put through my body and then a further hour just to see if anything bad happens. The amount that a person takes in one session is depending on the persons weight, i think its 5ml to 1kg, next time i got one is on 1 September 2017, i will double check if i got the measurments righ


Hey everyone, it's me again! Soo it's that time again, sorry I haven't been on much but today I want to give my experience on relationships and this is why I haven't done a blog for a while because it scares me to open up this much, so please respect what I have to say and also try not to preach your way of thinking to me or anybody who feels the same. For all you peeps who know me well, you haven't really seen me in a relationship during my time with my crohns, this is because I am too frightened to let anybody get close to me with all the hospital visits and my bad days. I wouldn't like anyone to put up with my issues with this illness, I've tried it before and felt more than a burden than anything else, I'm not saying I won't go into a relationship with another person, it's just that I'm waiting for someone who can see past me illness and see who I really am and where I am at the moment some people tend to highlight my illness as a wall.

End of year update

Hello lovely people, hope you had a wonderful christmas!! So i am finally back on the infusions few days ago i just had my second lot and also seen my doctor which i will discuss in further detail later. I thought in this post i will try and give a little bit of light heartedness for once. As you have read my previous posts, you will know that crohns disease isnt easy but sometimes there are points in your life that will make you happy: Family & Friends These are to the people who have stuck by my side when i was at my worst, to the people who have supported me in many ways but also were there when I needed them the most from visiting me at the hospital, taking me to get my infusions and listening to me when needed. To me, you are the most important things in my life and without you i wouldnt be where i am now. Thanks guys!! Hospital staff 365 days the doctors, nurses and the ambulance service works to make sure everyone in the country are cared for yet all you he

MAP Vaccine

Hey all my lovely readers, hope everything is fine with you guys. This time i will be talking about the MAP vaccine and where they are at it and then do my usual update. So the MAP vaccine will target the MAP bug (Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis) which is found in animals and is passed into the food chain. Doctors have already linked this bug to be the majority of the reason why people have crohns but while the UK governments advisory committee on the Microbiological safety of food insists that this transmission from animals to humans cannot be proven to give someone crohns, despite the bug being heavily noted in milk. How does this vaccine help cure someone with Crohns? Well the vaccine will stimulate the patients immune system into targeting the bug and clear it for the system, even though this is good news a survey was done a while ago stating that 8/10 people with crohns showed that they have this MAP bug in their system, from my view on this that it is not a cure for al

The types of medication

Hello once again its me!!! Hope all my readers are doing well? I shall tell you at the end of this blog where i am at with the whole waiting for my colonoscopy. So today i am going to tell you what types of medication that people with crohns may have to take, hopefully explain what they do, how they calm symptoms doing and what side effects could occur whilst on these treatments. So i'll start off with the initial drugs first of all; Corticosteroids (Corty-co-stare-iods) This one is the most likely to be the first type of medication that a person who has been recently diagnosed with Crohns disease, such as myself, i was given a course of steriods that would last over a period of 8 weeks starting with 8 tablets for the first week and then graduly reducing 1 tablet after every 1 week. These types of steriods are commonly known as Prednisolone and Hydrocortisone steriods. The side effects that you could get from this are weight gain, swelling of the face (most comm